Apply for Investment

We are on a mission to revolutionize the automation industry. We welcome investors, who can travel with us for the long term to achieve this mission.

Mexo solutions is a risky and high return investment. This is a difficult journey and it will have a lot of ups & downs which will not be able to handle by people who are looking for short term returns. Even though we have an out of box idea and a clear plan, many factors may influence but our team is capable of handling the factors. It’s a 5-year plan minimum and a long term plan.

The intention is to build a great company that will help the automation industry grow better in a positive way. We are aiming for a huge impact and returns as well.

We are not only looking for investment, we look for long-term partners who respect & value our company and also strategically help us grow.

If you are looking to make returns 20x in a short period of time then we may not be the right partner for you.

We are open to discuss ideas and suggestions but decisions are always ours.

Interested! Welcome to Mexo solutions. Together we can change the automation world.